Chris Elsewhere

Here are some places you can find me online...


Once upon a time, I made video game remixes and performed under the alias "chjolo" (which has also been my username for a long time). I also made some originals under that alias. Alongside chjolo, I made original music/soundtracks under my real name "Chris Logsdon". All that is collected on my "professional" website: If you wanna hear any of that music, you can find links there.


I've been making games off-and-on for a while, though most of the early stuff probably isn't online anymore. The most likely places to find my latest/future games are my page, and the page for Maow House (the "label" my partner and I started for the games we make together). You can also follow me on BoardGameGeek.


I plan to have a comments section available for all my posts, and Twitter is my main social media for now. I also use Discord regularly, but I don't really want to just openly post my handle. If you're interested in getting in touch that way, feel free to reach out via anything else and I can give it to you. I also have email: Chris at Chris L Sound dot com. If you make a Neocities account, you can follow me to get updates whenever I do stuff here.